Episode 34

Episode 34:

This week it’s Gavin’s turn to be hit with the deadly flu bug, and as such, he brings in the topic of why the flu sucks. Meanwhile, Jack – in a moment of self-deprivation – attempts to call out his own people, by bringing in “being Asian” as an issue. We end up basically having the same discussion as on episode 14 when Jack claimed that Asian men are pussies. We then hear about Jack’s dreams for Asians in the future, as he hopes we one day rise above the “superior race.”

Afterwards, the Love Guru talks about the five signs a shy girl is into you during the latest segment of the Kao Lui Corner.

Additional Sources

We talked a bit about overpopulation, check out this video explaining the population boom, and why we shouldn’t be worried about it.

Jack mentioned this video by the Fung Brothers, who talk about the changes to Asian Americans during the past ten years.

Loose Ends

I used the examples of China and India when talking about countries with high birth rates (as third world countries, in the example, where the average women might give birth to 5+ children). Of course, that is no longer the case now. In India, births per women is at about 2.5; and in China, births per women is at 1.66. Compared to America, the same statistic is 1.88 (all numbers from 2012 statistics from the World Bank).

Jack mentioned countless times how a CEO position (for TD Bank, as was his example) would always belong to white people. However, a quick Google search tells me that the current CEO for TD Bank is Bharat Masrani (who was born in Uganda and of Indian descent; and is clearly… not white).

In my impassioned rage against Jack’s topic, I fucked up by confusing Harry Shum Jr. with John Cho #AsianFail 


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Bonus Episode 2

Bonus Episode 2:

We start off 2017 with a bang – if by “bang” you mean illness. Fighting back from deadly flu-like symptoms, a drugged-up Jack takes the mic for a short bonus episode this week. The gang talks about predictions for 2017 as Jack and Gavin try to forecast what the year holds for the other co-host. Major “hints” are dropped about what may (or may not) happen in 2017 for DIU Podcast *wink-wink, nudge-nudge.*

Watch this DIU Podcast exclusive!! Jack tries Buckley’s cough syrup for the first time prior to recording this very bonus episode!

Loose Ends

Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the USA on January 20, 2017.

This is who Jack aspires to look like: Japanese-Brazilian artistic gymnast, Arthur Mariano:

File:Arthur Mariano no Rio 2016.jpg
Picture via Wikimedia


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Episode 32

Episode 32:

Joining us in studio this week is DIU Podcast’s (self-proclaimed) number one fan, (DIU Podcast-proclaimed) Dr. Eugene Tang. Dr. Tang brings in the very serious issue of Jack’s previous issues on this very show. Listen in as we discuss just a small handful of our previous topics – will robots take over the world, are Generation Z kids stupid, should we be vigilantes? Tune in to find out if Jack can fend off Dr. Tang’s rebuttals!

Afterwards, the podcast team gets together for the DIU Podcast gift exchange!

This is what the ONLY DIU Podcast mug in existence looks like:

Happy holidays and see you in 2017!


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Episode 31

Episode 31:

In wake of the first major snowstorms in Toronto this week, Gavin brings in the important issue of snow – and how it fucking sucks. Meanwhile, Jack goes on a rant about how generation Z (born 1995 or later) children are all stupid because they don’t have the same opinions and attitudes as he does.

Afterwards, the Love Guru explains why the holiday seasons are the best time for singles to chase girls.

Additional Sources

Snowstorm causes messy traffic in the Greater Toronto Area (Dec 12)

Montreal pileup garners international attention.

Loose Ends

Jack claimed that Generation Z kids use more drugs than any other generation in the past. This title actually goes to the baby boomers (born between 1943-1962) when measuring most of the popular drugs. The exception is painkillers, which has seen an increase in popularity among millennials. See charts from DrugAbuse.com


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Episode 27

Episode 27:

We start off the episode by addressing some corrections which needed to be made from last week’s discussion on divorce. Jack then jumps into why he’s mad at smartphones; specifically how people are too dependent on them in everyday life. We take a weird detour as Jack talks about his fantasy of living in ancient China as a martial arts sifu. Meanwhile, Gavin talks about vigilantism and whether or not it should be acceptable in society.

Afterwards, the International Love Guru talks about the Seven Signs That She’s Into You.

Additional Sources

Father kills his daughter’s sexual abuser.

Loose Ends

The fear of not having a mobile phone is known as nomophobia.

I mentioned the book The Definitive Book of Body Language during the Kao Lui Corner.


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Episode 25

Episode 25:

As a first in DIU Podcast history, a non-Asian guest – Steve – joins the show. Gavin brings in a topic of how a recent TTC campaign with the National Ballet of Canada has been criticized for not representing actual TTC riders. The conversation heads towards the direction of how beauty standards are created and maintained. Meanwhile, Steve brings in the issue of how people pretend to agree with their peers in an effort to fit in. We also discuss why individualism and free-thought are dwindling among today’s youth.

Afterwards, the love guru interviews Steve (or Jack’s superior) in this week’s segment of the Kao Lui Corner.

Check out Jack’s new hat:


Additional Sources

TTC campaign with the National Ballet criticized.

Beauty Confidence Canada’s statement against the TTC.

Loose Ends

Jack mentioned how there are more girls than guys on the planet. A brief Google search tells me that is not the case. In fact, the human sex ratio is fairly close to 1:1. Furthermore, depending on how it is measured, there could be more males than females on the planet.


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Episode 24

Episode 24:

This week we are joined by former Mr. Asia contestant, Brandon. Gavin brings in the issue of the Toronto police shifting towards grey police cruisers. Meanwhile Brandon talks about the upcoming US presidential elections and of which candidate is the lesser of two evils.

Afterwards, Jack – who has deemed Brandon a fellow love guru – asks him some questions in regards to chasing girls.

Check out Brandon on Instagram!

Additional Sources

Toronto police rolling out grey police cruisers

Brief explanation on Michel Foucault and the panopticon

The hand gesture for the friendzone


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Episode 22

Episode 22:

This week Gavin brings in the issue of whether migrants should sacrifice their own customs in favour of their new host countries. Meanwhile, Jack – still reeling from the aftershock of his trip – talks about how Canadian society can be improved by following Asian countries.

Afterwards, Jack addresses his decision to retire as the love guru in his latest statement.

Additional Sources

Beer can thrown on the field during Blue Jays baseball game.

Thai international students are suggested to rethink their nicknames.

Loose Ends

After doing some research, there seems to be a general consensus that taxes are not included on price tags. This is especially important for large companies which try to remain transparent when they are being audited. Furthermore different states/provinces have differing taxes, so it is easier to simply say $10.99 + tax.


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Episode 20

Episode 20:

In the dramatic finale for DIU Podcast’s first season, Jack finally talks about why he hates Apple products so much. A heated argument ensues regarding Apple technology’s specs and the value of purchasing the (overpriced) products. Meanwhile, Gavin brings in a study which claims that smarter individuals tend to hold liberal ideologies while those with less cognitive abilities tend to be more conservative.

During the Kao Lui Corner segment, Jack brings in a personal letter as he has an important announcement to make about the next chapter of his life.

DIU Podcast will be back in three weeks (October 9, 2016)!

Additional References

Apple’s newest product isn’t a phone or watch, it’s a lifestyle.

Who you hate depends on how smart you are.

Do racism, conservatism, and low I.Q. go hand-in-hand?

Loose Ends

Jack mentioned that the iPhone 7 would only be able to use the new wireless earbuds (the AirPods). That is incorrect, as the new iPhone 7 does in fact come with wired earbuds (which plugs in via the charger port). There are also converters which will still allow you to use old 3.5mm jacks (also included with the iPhone 7). Is it annoying to carry around an extra converter at all times? Probably, but my point is, that the option to use the old earbuds are still available and provided.

When talking about the 5,914 sample size during the second topic, I wasn’t sure if the sample was worldwide or American at the time. Upon looking again, the sample was taken from Americans.


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Episode 19

Episode 19:

We’re joined in studio this week by our good friend Chen. Gavin brings in the topic of learning methods. Specifically, we discuss the merits of direct learning and inquiry-based learning. Meanwhile, Jack brings in the issue of parent influences over their children’s career aspirations. Should parents have a say in what their children want to do?

Afterwards, Chen is interviewed on his opinions for previously covered Kao Lui Corner topics.

Additional References

Half of Ontario sixth graders don’t meet the provincial standards in math

Jo Boaler on the benefits of inquiry-based learning

Possible drawbacks to inquiry-based learning in mathematics


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