Episode 7

Episode 7:

In this news-heavy episode, Jack brings in the topic of the Stanford rape case. The conversation heads into the direction of social privilege and gender inequality. Meanwhile, Gavin brings in the topic of the missing seven-year old boy from Japan and a discussion about proper parental discipline ensues.

Afterwards, Jack brings in the Settlers and Reachers Theory in this week’s segment of the Kao Lui Corner.

Additional Resources

We briefly talked about the story of a 24-year-old English teacher sleeping with her student from the eight grade.

We did a pretty shitty job recapping the Brock Turner rape case, so you can read the full story.

Why we can’t call Brock Turner a rapist (in California)

Recap of the Yamato Tanooka missing child case.

Loose Ends

I talked about how there are differences between jail and prison. I didn’t know the sentencing length which separated being thrown into jail or prison during the time of recording. However, it seems that jail is mainly for people who are convicted of misdemeanor and are serving a sentence less than a year.


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Episode 6

Episode 6:

This week, Gavin brings in the Cincinnati Zoo shooting incident. The conversation dives into discussions about what the value of life is. Meanwhile, Jack brings in another woman-based topic; this time, claiming that women who drive luxurious cars bad drivers.

Afterwards, Jack changes up the Kao Lui Corner for the week. This time catering to the women, as he talks about the seven signs that a guy likes a girl.

Additional References

Cincinnati Zoo gorilla killed to save a child.

Animal experts claiming that Harambe was acting aggressively: Greg Tarry and Jack Hanna.

The Justice for Harambe online petition; aiming to call for the parent’s of the child to be investigated.

I briefly mentioned how plants can feel pain (well technically they can react to it, whether or not it’s actual pain – in the sense humans feel – is still unclear).

I mentioned the California study which found that people who luxurious cars are assholes. (On the episode, I said this was a 2003 study. I actually meant it was a study from 2013)

Jack briefly mentioned a Middle Eastern country where woman can’t be Uber drivers. After a brief Google search, I believe he was referring to the situation in Saudi Arabia.

Loose Ends

The Cincinnati Zoo is planning to re-open the gorilla exhibit with a higher, reinforced barrier.

Zoo spokeswoman Michelle Curley said the outer barrier will now be 42 inches high — a half foot taller than before — with solid wood beams on top and at the bottom, plus knotted rope netting at the bottom (via Daily Advocate).


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Episode 5

Episode 5:

You’re listening to the University episode of DIU Podcast! This week Gavin brings in the issue of whether or not he should go to his university graduation ceremony. Meanwhile, Jack hijacks Gavin’s issue by bringing in the topic of how post-secondary education isn’t as cracked up as its made out to be.

Afterwards, Jack continues the second part of the Friendzone in this week’s segment of Kao Lui Corner.

Additional References

I made reference to former NBA referee Tim Donaghy. Check out this Sportsnet article from 2014 where he talks about how the NBA referees are biased towards specific teams.

I also mentioned this video from the School of Life (Why Arts Graduates are Under-Employed).

Loose Ends

One more huge shout-out to the Toronto Raptors who were eliminated from the NBA Playoffs on Friday May 27. They went further than most people expected and we’re looking forward to seeing the Raptors back in action next season!


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Episode 4

Episode 4:

This week Jack brings in the issue of how women claim to want equality with men, but also want additional treatment. The discussion morphs towards the idea that maybe perfect equality isn’t achievable. Instead, we should seek equity among the sexes in hopes of balancing the playing field of life. Meanwhile, Gavin brings in the topic of whether or not second generation immigrants should learn their mother tongue when living in North America.

As part one of a two-parter, Jack introduces the three different types of friendzones in this week’s edition of Kao Lui Corner.

Additional References

In the discussion of Jack’s topic, I mentioned the idea that women carry the bulk of the load for housework. While husband and wife are more likely to share the responsibility of housework in the contemporary era, we still see woman take on the more important, time-pressing, chores.

For example, men are tasked with mowing the lawn (something which can be done whenever the husband feels like it), whereas women are generally tasked with prepping the meal (if dinner is at 6:00 p.m. there’s no way she can procrastinate). Check out the film, Chore Wars: the battle over who cleans the toilet for more information about the housework debate.

I briefly referenced a 2002 study in the journal Demography, titled “Only English by the third generation?: Loss and preservation of the mother tongue among the grandchildren of contemporary immigrants.” by Alba et al.

Loose Ends

I recently saw a video floating around Facebook where a company named Waverly Labs is developing wearable technology to allow for instant translation. Each person puts an earpiece into their ears and when they talk, the earpieces (connected to a smartphone) translates the

conversation into their desired language. So far, the language selection is limited to (English, French, Latin, and German).

While the technology is still developing, it’s interesting to think about how new technologies such as this can influence or needs to learn multiple languages in the future.


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Episode 3

Episode 3:

Building off last week’s issue, Gavin brings in the topic of how Internet filter bubbles subject users to confirmation bias. The end result is a narrowed worldview for millions of Internet users worldwide. Meanwhile, Jack brings in the topic of “girls who fish for complements.”

After the issues, Jack brings in the topic of confidence in this week’s Kao Lui Corner.

Jack’s boi, DT, also gave the show a shoutout via Twitter.

Trump Tweet
Made with FakeTrumpTweet.com

I mentioned looking for a kendama in Japan, and ended up getting this one for around $13 CAD (and the price of getting spammed by kendama-related ads; thanks to filter bubbles).

I still don’t know how to play with this properly…

Additional References

This is the Gizmodo article I made reference to regarding Facebook’s censorship of right-leaning articles on the trending stories corner.

Check out Eli Pariser’s TED Talk (Beware online “filter bubbles”) as mentioned in this episode.

Idea for the topic of filter bubbles from The Biggest Problem in the Universe (Podcast episode 85).

Jack made reference to Europe banning ultra-skinny models; he was referring to France’s 2015 ban on skinny catwalk models.

Loose Ends

This episode was recorded on Thursday, May 12. Since then, the Toronto Raptors have advanced to the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. Jack did not send me any pessimistic messages during the Raptors 116-89 beatdown of the Miami Heat in game seven. He is officially back on the Toronto Raptors bandwagon! The debate is still ongoing as to whether or not he is a #LoyalFan.


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Episode 2

Episode 2:

As DIU Podcast continues to grow, the show must find ways to co-exist with the heavily PC (politically correct) world of the 21st century. Gavin brings in the topic of what types of online behaviour is acceptable. Meanwhile, Jack brings in the issue of how laptops are a huge disturbance in classes and lectures.

Afterwards, we dive into the Kao Lui Corner where Jack talks about the ever important question of why “nice guys finish last.”

Huge thank you to Shane Saravia for designing the cool cover banner photo on this very website!

You can now check us out on iTunes!

Additional References 

Story about the Halloween costume inspired by the Boston Marathon.

Story about the HSBC Bankers who filmed a fake IS execution.

Story about the Tweet which became viral over the span of an international flight.

Story about the fired Toronto firefighter.

Story about the stupid Taco Bell Tweet.

Loose Ends

After this episode was recorded, Jack sends me this link (to CBC Radio) which supposedly referred to his “doing research” for his laptop issue (even though he didn’t bring up any of the points discussed in the CBC Radio episode).

Research has found that those who take notes on their laptops in classes are more prone to type whatever the lecturer is saying (verbatim) but not necessarily retain the information. In other words, laptop note-takers try to type everything being said, without completely thinking about it. Students who take notes with paper and pen have been found to absorb more information. Although paper note-takers jot down less notes, they are more engaged with the actual lecture.


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Original cover picture from the Christian Courier website.

Episode 1

Episode 1:

Welcome to DIU Podcast, Daily Issues Uncovered. A show where we talk about the big issues surrounding our everyday lives (read; first world problems).

In this first episode, we introduce ourselves while talking about the goals of this podcast. Gavin brings in the issue of Hollywood whitewashing (specifically, if this is actually something we should be angry about) while Jack brings in the issue of how he thinks women cheat more than men.

We end the show with Jack’s favourite segment – the Kao Lui Corner – where our very own in-house Love Guru will share his insights on the realms of romance. Feel free to read along with The All Proven Tactics of How to Kao Lui (Introduction).

We encourage listeners to comment on the episode either through social media, this page’s comment section (where you can post anonymously), or even email (diupodcast@gmail.com). Comments and emails may be read on future episodes; we will use the real names of people if it is provided.

Additional References

I mentioned that actual people from Japan weren’t bothered by the Ghost in the Shell casting. Check out this video (from That Japanese Man Yuta) featuring various street side interviews.

And this video (from Last Week Tonight) criticizing Hollywood whitewashing.

Loose Ends

In the show, I mention how the creator of the Ghost in the Shell manga said he was supportive of the Scarlett Johansson casting. I was incorrect in saying this; in actuality it was the manga’s publishing company, Kodansha, which supported the casting decision.

Looking at her career so far, I think Scarlett Johansson is well cast,” Sam Yoshiba, director of the international business division at Kodansha’s Tokyo headquarters, tells The Hollywood Reporter. “She has the cyberpunk feel. And we never imagined it would be a Japanese actress in the first place. (from the Hollywood Reporter)

I also made slight reference to the time when divorce was legalized in Canada. I was trying to make reference to the Divorce Act, but the name slipped my memory at the time of recording.


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