Japan Episode 3

Japan Episode 3:

Gavin is once again joined by Andrew, and fellow English teacher, Mat (with one T). Mat shares some Australian chocolates with the gang as we hear about why he’s teaching in Japan. Gavin talks about overcoming extreme heartbreak as the gang is recovering from the loss of – what will now be known as – the “lost episode” of DIU Podcast.

Issues this week include outrageous phone bills and slow ass Internet speeds, snow season in Japan, and the lack of a “regular sized” adult toothbrush. However, the main topic this week revolves around the gang’s impending decision of renewing the contract to stay in Japan for another year… Why are Andrew and Gavin on the fence? Tune in to find out!

Later on throughout the show, hearing about the Australian chocolates, another good friend (and English teacher), Lena, pops into the studio. She talks about her contract renewal decision and her desire to learn Japanese. We also hear some hot gossip about misbehaving co-workers and stories of how people keep hitting on her.

(Episode recorded November 26)


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Japan Episode 1

Japan Episode 1:

After spending a month getting acclimated to his new home, Gavin returns behind the mic for the premiere episode of DIU Podcast: Japan. Gavin is joined by long-time friend, and fellow English teacher, Andrew.

The two talk about the initial month in Japan. Topics include: buying shoes, setting up apartments, social conformity, work-life balance, cultural distinction, Japan as a cash society, and the North Korean missile threat.

Stay tuned as there will be many more issues to be uncovered; whether in Japan or globally.

DIU Podcast is back!

(Recorded on September 2, 2017)

Additional Sources

North Korea’s missile lands off Japan’s east.

Loose Ends

I mentioned that the North Korea fired a missile over Japan on Monday (Aug 28) – I misspoke. Although Western media would have learned of the news on Monday, the actual event happened on Tuesday (Aug 29) in Japan.


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Episode 45

Episode 45:

Gavin, who is now in control of the @jackhsieh123 Instagram account, brings in the issue of trying to become a celebrity. We talk about how Gavin came into ownership of Jack’s IG account and what the hopes of the account actually are. Is Jack willing to sacrifice his morality for fame? Find out by listening…

Meanwhile, Jack brings in the very serious issue of working out vs. keeping his hair. After many hours of research (see episode 43), Jack has come to accept the fact that his constant obsession with #gymlife might be the root of his thinning hair. According to Jack, working out and taking supplements will imbalance DHT levels, causing male pattern baldness. Will Jack stop working out to preserve his hair? Again, tune in to find out!

Afterwards, the Love Guru talks about how ugly folk can appear more attractive to women simply by demonstrating (or feigning) their creativity in the latest article for the Kao Lui Corner.

FOLLOW JACK ON INSTAGRAM (@jackhsieh123) and use the hashtag #langjai to tag along for the ride (Lang Jai 靚仔 – is a Cantonese term roughly translating to handsome).

Jack recently cooked the DIU Podcast gang a meal, see how it went down in our latest video!


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Episode 42

Episode 42:

Producer Seb joins us as we briefly revisit the “parking vs. standing” debacle. Jack also updates us on his “hair situation.”

Gavin then talks about how journalistic integrity could be threatened if the sources of journalists cannot be protected. We talk about government intervention in personal life and weigh freedom of speech with personal safety. Meanwhile, Jack talks about the new Power Rangers movie. According to Jack, Hollywood directors are trying to push a progressive agenda in their new movie remakes. He claims Power Rangers “ruined his childhood” because they added a bi-sexual character. What’s worse is that the rangers are not wearing the same colour outfits (i.e. the black ranger isn’t a black guy)!

On the Kao Lui Corner, Jack writes about how to approach women in a coffee shop, for the second week towards his road to redemption (regaining his Love Guru title).

At the end of the show, we hear about the lasagna experiment. Somehow, we lose sight of what the real reason for Gavin to cook was. We end up with a pissing contest as Jack claims he can also cook food for the DIU Podcast gang… so yeah, that’s happening next week now.

Additional Sources

Journalist must turn over materials to RCMP.

Protecting sources and whistleblowers (via Canadian Journalists for Free Expression)

Loose Ends

The original Power Rangers’ series was titled Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Jack said the new reboot also had the same movie title. However, the new reboot is simply named Power Rangers (or Saban’s Power Rangers).

Some guys (Henshin Grid) already put together a page for Power Rangers and their ethnic backgrounds. One of Jack’s points was that the black ranger should be played by a black person, because that’s how Power Rangers should be. But the franchise has long found ways to deviate from a notion of matching skin tone with suit colour. In fact, African-American actors have portrayed the black, yellow, red, blue, green, and pink rangers throughout various Power Rangers series. However, African-Americans have never been the white, gold, silver, nor sixth ranger.


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Episode 37

Episode 37:

Joining us in studio this week is a fellow podcaster and creative-mind, Robin. We spend the bulk the of the show talking about content creation, creativity, and making it in the podcast world. The conversation skews many times as we also talk about: being controversial, shit-talking, why Gavin picked Jack to be on the show, and regional slang.

Afterwards, the Love Guru grills Robin about his dating life as things get descriptive on the Kao Lui Corner.

Check out Robin’s channel, Concealed Art, via Facebook, YouTube, or at www.concealedart.ca 

If you enjoyed this free-flowing podcast style, be sure to look out for Robin’s podcast – What You Saying Podcast – in the near future.

EDIT: Robin’s podcast has officially dropped with a new name (Rap Nerd Problems) – check out the first episode (featuring DIU Podcast)!

Loose Ends

I briefly mentioned this story on the show, but couldn’t recall specific details. It was Sean Spicer, the White House Press Secretary, who said Trump’s inauguration held the largest audience ever, period.

According to the Harry Potter wikia page

An individual male human with magical ability is known as a wizard (plural: wizards), and an individual female human with magical ability is known as a witch (plural: witches), though “wizard” is sometimes used as a gender-neutral singular noun like “man”.


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Episode 33

Episode 33

Dr. Eugene Tang returns to the show in hopes of finishing off a seemingly defeated Jack from last week. We again visit previous topics covered throughout 2016; this time with a focus on the Kao Lui Corner. Now, Dr. Tang is entering the Love Guru’s playing field. Will Eugene be able to defeat him? Tune in to find out!

Read all the previous Kao Lui Corner articles.

Additional Sources

Listen to the first 15 seconds of the video and tell us what year was mentioned – 1984 or 1994?


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Episode 27

Episode 27:

We start off the episode by addressing some corrections which needed to be made from last week’s discussion on divorce. Jack then jumps into why he’s mad at smartphones; specifically how people are too dependent on them in everyday life. We take a weird detour as Jack talks about his fantasy of living in ancient China as a martial arts sifu. Meanwhile, Gavin talks about vigilantism and whether or not it should be acceptable in society.

Afterwards, the International Love Guru talks about the Seven Signs That She’s Into You.

Additional Sources

Father kills his daughter’s sexual abuser.

Loose Ends

The fear of not having a mobile phone is known as nomophobia.

I mentioned the book The Definitive Book of Body Language during the Kao Lui Corner.


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Episode 13

Episode 13:

This week we briefly revisit Pokemon Go as Jack provides a shocking update from last week. Gavin then talks about the dangers of Internet hoaxes and how they can be detrimental to both DIU Podcast and the world at large. Then we discuss the future possibilities of DIU Podcast’s YouTube channel.

Afterwards, Jack talks about how to pick up girls using Pokemon Go.

Check out the first ever DIU Podcast YouTube video!

Additional Resources

Brief video on how false news is spread so easily.

The image claiming that The Simpsons had predicted Pokemon Go is fake.

Here is the video of a mob on the I-880, and the Cartel Press article.

Loose Ends

Jack mentioned how we had previously performed the spicy ramen challenge (before DIU Podcast) – watch it here!


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Episode 3

Episode 3:

Building off last week’s issue, Gavin brings in the topic of how Internet filter bubbles subject users to confirmation bias. The end result is a narrowed worldview for millions of Internet users worldwide. Meanwhile, Jack brings in the topic of “girls who fish for complements.”

After the issues, Jack brings in the topic of confidence in this week’s Kao Lui Corner.

Jack’s boi, DT, also gave the show a shoutout via Twitter.

Trump Tweet
Made with FakeTrumpTweet.com

I mentioned looking for a kendama in Japan, and ended up getting this one for around $13 CAD (and the price of getting spammed by kendama-related ads; thanks to filter bubbles).

I still don’t know how to play with this properly…

Additional References

This is the Gizmodo article I made reference to regarding Facebook’s censorship of right-leaning articles on the trending stories corner.

Check out Eli Pariser’s TED Talk (Beware online “filter bubbles”) as mentioned in this episode.

Idea for the topic of filter bubbles from The Biggest Problem in the Universe (Podcast episode 85).

Jack made reference to Europe banning ultra-skinny models; he was referring to France’s 2015 ban on skinny catwalk models.

Loose Ends

This episode was recorded on Thursday, May 12. Since then, the Toronto Raptors have advanced to the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. Jack did not send me any pessimistic messages during the Raptors 116-89 beatdown of the Miami Heat in game seven. He is officially back on the Toronto Raptors bandwagon! The debate is still ongoing as to whether or not he is a #LoyalFan.


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