Episode 57

Episode 57:

We are joined by DIU Podcast’s substitute co-host, Kyle – who recently hooked the entire team up with fidget spinners!!! Gavin recalls Jack’s hatred for the toy on episode 51. Times have since changed, as Jack is the most obsessed with the toy out of the entire group.

Gavin brings in the topic of China’s Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo passing away from multiple organ failure. Serving an 11-year prison sentence in China for “inciting inversion of state power,” Liu was denied access to medical treatment abroad. Many critics are outraged that China would not release the prisoner. We discuss if there is a “right” or a “wrong” approach to this situation, as well as brief thoughts on China and Communism. Meanwhile, Jack, undoubtedly self-conscious about his current position in life, talks about how many young adults are still living with their parents. We talk about how this was stigmatized in the past, but is slowly becoming more and more acceptable as cost of living continues to rise.

Afterwards, the Love Guru tells us about the three different types of men in this world – alpha, beta, and omegas – in a part one of this week’s Kao Lui Corner topic.

Additional Sources

China’s Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo dies

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Loose Ends

PS: I’m still waiting for the fidget spinner I ordered off Amazon for $3.57 – as mentioned on episode 51.

Edit: The package finally came on September 9th, 2017.


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Episode 51

Episode 51:

Brandon (episode 24) returns to the podcast to confront Jack about trying to sell him overpriced concert tickets. We also hear about how he had spent the past semester studying in Edinburgh and travelling around Europe.

Jack brings in the issue of the impending minimum wage increase expected for Ontario. The plan would see Ontario’s minimum wage jump to $15 by January 1st, 2019. We talk about the pros and the cons of this decision and how this will ultimately impact us. Meanwhile, Gavin talks about the unexplainable trend which is the fidget spinner. More importantly, should Gavin get one?

Afterwards, the Love Guru discusses a situation happening to his friend.

Additional Sources

Ontario goes ahead with $15 minimum wage.

Some pros and cons of an increased minimum wage.

Fidget spinners don’t help with ADHD.

Loose Ends

We briefly touched upon the minimum wage in Alberta. The current minimum wage over there is $12.20 (compared to $11.40 in Ontario) for general workers. The minimum wage in Alberta is expected to raise to $15 by October 1st, 2018.


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Episode 26

Episode 26:

With the American presidential elections in the books, Jack returns with a renewed admiration for his boi DT. Gavin brings in a quiz to figure out how Jack’s views align with the political candidates – is he actually a Trump supporter? Meanwhile, Jack talks about why the modern man is less likely to want to pursue marriage. The reason for this decline, according to Jack, is – to no one’s surprise – women.

Afterwards, Jack talks about the two types of women (independent and dependent) in the latest segment of the Kao Lui Corner.

Additional Sources

Check out the results from Jack’s quiz


Take the quiz at Vote Compass.

Loose Ends

Jack mentioned that federal minimum wage can be as low as $5.00 in the United States. The minimum wage is actually $7.25. However, he may have been referring to Georgia State where the minimum wage is $5.15. Employees in Georgia covered by the federal Fair Labor Standards Act will receive the federal minimum of $7.25

Jack talked about how women get half the man’s possessions upon a divorce, that is an oversimplification of the topic. Assets earned during a marriage belong to both parties equally (and thus, split equally upon divorce). Most times, the man earns higher wages because many women put their careers on hold to raise their family – this is also why women tend to receive financial support. It’s wrong to assume that women have anything to gain, financially, from a divorce. Studies have compared divorced spouses years after their seperation. In most cases, the man is doing better financially (hardly impacted by the divorce), while the woman is worse off (most likely a single-parent with reduced earning potential).

In regards to child custody, the parent who has more time for the children usually gets custody. Most times, the man has a larger focus on career. Therefore it is only logical that the man will have less time to raise children – especially with a divorce.

In Canada, we have seen an increasing popularity towards joint custody and a decrease in single-parent custody.

The 1990s saw a rapid rise in the popularity of joint custody; by the year 2000, well over one-third of children (37%) were placed in the custody of both divorcing parents. Sole father custody, on the other hand, actually declined during the period, from around 15% to under 10%. These changes meant that, by the year 2000, sole mother custody was awarded for only just over half the children concerned. (Department of Justice website)

We also talked about child support payments as well. The amount of child support paid monthly (in Canada) is dependent on the specific province, an individual’s salary, and the amount of children they have with their ex. Jack threw out $500 as an example of an acceptable monthly fee – in Ontario, a person would need to have an income of $55,200 (assuming they only have one child) in order to be required to pay $500 a month. If you have two children, the $500 requirement will be in effect if you earn $34,400. The numbers change as more children are invovled.


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Episode 24

Episode 24:

This week we are joined by former Mr. Asia contestant, Brandon. Gavin brings in the issue of the Toronto police shifting towards grey police cruisers. Meanwhile Brandon talks about the upcoming US presidential elections and of which candidate is the lesser of two evils.

Afterwards, Jack – who has deemed Brandon a fellow love guru – asks him some questions in regards to chasing girls.

Check out Brandon on Instagram!

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