Episode 36

Episode 36:

Joining us in studio this week is Jack’s fellow Love Guru Council member, Edmond. Gavin brings in the issue of single women in China renting boyfriends over the holidays; an increasingly popular trend. We also discuss if Jack will make a good “rental boyfriend.” Meanwhile, Jack talks about how the clothing company Uniqlo was hit with backlash because they just wanted to hand out free clothing. THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS!!

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Afterwards, as a first on DIU Podcast, guest Love Guru Edmond provides us with an article for the Kao Lui Corner on how to find “the One.”

Additional Sources

Renting boyfriends for Chinese New Years.

I briefly mentioned Chunyun; the period of time when people migrate for the new year.

Uniqlo responds to backlash over free clothing.

Loose Ends

There was a bit of miscommunication on the show regarding China’s gender ratio. I brought up the point that there are 115.88 boys born for every 100 girls in 2014. Jack contested that the statistic is only a reflection of the birth rate in 2014, not of the overall population. However, according to Radio Free Asia (in 2015); out of the 1.36 billion people in China, there are 700 million men and 667 million women (a statistic that was reference on the show) – a difference of 33 million.

We discussed briefly about the “One-Child Policy,” which was started in the 1970s. Beijing announced at the end of 2013 that couples will be allowed to have two children if one of the parents is an only child. The rules vary depending on one’s living location (i.e. rural versus urban).

We talked about Abercrombie and Fitch, and their refusal to make clothes for large women. Jack claimed that A&F was still profitable after the backlash, when in reality, the company’s sales were decreasing circa 2012. The company has made slight rebounds in 2015 largely in part of rebranding efforts as the A&F of today no longer look like the A&F of yesteryears (targeted to the “super cool looking,” All-American kids). The old A&F didn’t offer XL or above sizes for women; the new A&F does have XL sizes (according to a brief search on their website). It’s highly possible that the company would have gone out of business if the downward trend continued. They threw away their old ideologies and practices which focused on a narrow market in order to stay afloat.

Jack claimed that HALF of the homeless population is homeless because of substance abuse and gambling. According to Alcohol Rehab, it is believed that 38 per cent of the homeless population abuse alcohol; while drug abuse consists of approximately 26 per cent of the population. A 2014 study in the UK found that gambling problems affect 11.6 per cent of the homeless population. Although these issues are still important to identify, it is important to understand that there are several other factors (many of which are beyond the control of the individual) which can result to someone becoming homeless.

Factors such as lack of affordable housing, abuse, mental health issues, and breakdown of the family unit, should all be considered when examining homelessness. However, whether the homeless should receive special treatment (i.e. free clothing) is entirely up to each individual’s morality. Moreover, to put the blame of homelessness solely on the poor decision making of an individual (i.e. claiming half of all homelessness is due to drug abuse and gambling) is a drastic misrepresentation for the causes of homelessness.


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Episode 30

Episode 30:

Jack announces that he (once again) has attempted to quit smoking. However, as with anything on DIU Podcast, we will make a big deal about his words; which would hopefully get him to quit for good. He then goes on to talk about how many call centre customer service representatives are being verbally abused by clients. Meanwhile, Gavin talks about Amazon Go, a new store aiming to get rid of checkout lines.

Afterwards, the Love Guru gives some tips on how to be a good wingman. Is Jack actually a good wingman? Tune in to find out.

Additional Sources

The real reason why marijuana is banned.

Call centre workers speak out about abuse by public.

Amazon Go website (and video).

Only Amazon can make a checkout-free grocery store a reality.


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Episode 29

Episode 29:

With tons of shopping left to do for the holidays, Gavin brings in the issue of dynamic pricing. Why is it acceptable that some goods/services we buy have fluctuating prices (e.g. airline tickets)? Should dynamic pricing be acceptable in retail? Meanwhile, Jack brings in the topic of Canada’s impending legalization of marijuana.

Afterwards, Jack tells us about the dangers of fuckbois, and how we can identify them.

Also… is Jack a fuckboi? We’d love to hear from you!

Lastly, check out the first ever DIU vlog!

Additional Sources

Slang words used for the quiz.

Retailers’ use of dynamic pricing skyrockets.

The travel planning website Orbitz was mentioned on the show; specifically their practice of pushing more expensive hotel rooms to Mac users.

Leduc County (Alberta) set to built the world’s largest legal marijuana grow op.

Loose Ends

We talked about our opinions on legalizing marijuana, but didn’t really cover the history of the situation. Making marijuana illegal has historic ties with connections to fear-mongering and population control.

In regards to marijuana use and brain cells: a 2012 study by Duke University researchers found that teenagers who are regular marijuana users lose eight IQ points on average. Although this is still a matter of contention in the academic community. Cigarettes on the other hand, have been found to damage the brain (contrary to Jack’s beliefs).


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