Meeting Hot Girls Through Average Girls

By Jack Hsieh:

If you want to meet a girl hot, the best way to do it is by making friends with any girl. Do not judge the girl by how they look like, just make friends. The reason is because every group of girls, there is that one girl that is the “hottest.” The best way to make friends with any girl Is to just talk to them. You can do so in an easy environment such as a classroom or interest group; for example, like marital arts class.

After meeting the girl, you want to earn their trust and get to know them. She will invite you to her outings with her friends.  Use this chance to meet their hot friends; talk to them and leave a good impression. It is important that the average girl doesn’t fall in love with you. You will not have any chance with her friends the moment she develops feelings towards you. If this happens, the average girl’s friends will all know about her intentions. The girl’s sister code will not allow for them to compete for the same guy. In this situation, the average girl’s friends will disregard your advances.

The last thing you need to know is that you want the average girl to say good things about you to her friends. This is a sign of approval for her friends to consider you as a potential romantic interest.

*as discussed on episode 44*