How to become a Love Guru

By Jack Hsieh: 

Many of you probably wonder how I became a Love Guru. It wasn’t easy, but I made it. I literally started from the bottom, now I’m here. Today I’m here to talk about the secrets of becoming a Love Guru.

The first thing you need to have is confidence, it is the foundation of any Love Guru. Specifically, you need confidence in giving advice. Love Gurus are always selfless when it comes to sharing their advice. Having confidence means having knowledge in the art of love; you must be confident enough in your abilities before you share them. It is important to believe and follow your own advice as well.

Secondly, Love Gurus should be able to adapt in various situations. You need to be able to respond to unexpected situations when they arise; and to do so without panicking. It is important not to lose your composure in front of a girl (or your students). Love Gurus don’t ever lose their cool. Always be positive.

Lastly, all Love Gurus should have a speciality. This is to say a skill in chasing girls that they excel in. Some Love Gurus excel in texting, while others work well with talking to girls in person. Find out what you’re good at, and make that your speciality.

Being a Love Guru is a tremendous responsibility. It isn’t something which can happen overnight, but rather a long process obtained through practice and dedication.

“Practice makes perfect,” – Anonymous

*as discussed on episode 52*