How to Flirt with Hot Girls

By Jack Hsieh:

Life is ten percent what you experience and nicety percent how you respond to it.” – Anonymous

Many people get nervous and don’t know how to flirt with hot girls. The first thing you need to have is confidence. When you talk to the girl you want to be smiling, and I don’t mean a creepy perverted smile. The guy should be themselves and not be someone they are not; a girl can easily feel the vibe if you aren’t yourself. You could buy them drinks if you are in a bar, or pay them a compliment.

If the girl is interested in flirting back she will flirt back and it will lead to the first kiss with her. You can tell she’s flirting back if she’s laughing at everything or/and looking into your eyes while her eyes are shining.

*as discussed on episode 47*