Attractiveness and Creativity

By Jack Hsieh:

Physical attractiveness isn’t the only way to get the attention of women. Ugly folk need not worry as creativity in men has been linked with increased attractiveness. A 2013 research paper published in the journal Psychology of Music, found that being creative often increases a man’s attractiveness. The experiment sent a young adult to a mall with either a gym bag, a guitar case, or empty handed. The man had the most success in getting the phone numbers of random women when he carried the guitar case.

What the experiment suggests is that, creativity – even when feigned – can help increase one’s attractiveness. If you aren’t good looking, playing an instrument can help even the odds. At the very least, pretending to be creative also carries some positive benefits.

Many people can use this to their advantage. Take pictures of yourself with a musical instrument, women will find you more attractive. Or better yet, learn to play the instrument for bonus points.

fake it till you make it” – Jack 2016

*as discussed on episode 45*