Alphas Males – Part 2

By Jack Hsieh:

In part one, I explained that there are alphas, betas, and omegas. In this part I will explain how to be an Alpha.

Some main traits of an alpha male are:

  • Confidence
  • Be a risk taker
  • Able to lead, don’t need to follow others
  • Keep calm under stressful situation (Beta males freak out)
  • Takes control of social situations
  • They have lots of self-respect and self esteem

You can fix these by talking to strangers. Maybe start talking to 3 strangers a day. Because people like courage to talk to random people. Going to the gym is a must, it increases your confidence. You also need to have thick skin.

Alphas tend to make more eye contact when they are talking to people, and are not afraid to keep eye contract. Addition to that body language can also determine if you are alpha. Alphas know when to act in certain social interaction. Your presence should seem large as well.

Just remember woman can smell an Alpha from a mile away.

*as discussed on episode 58*