Alpha, Beta, Omega (Part 1)

By Jack Hsieh:

This world is unfair, why do some ugly men get the good-looking girls you ask? Well there are 3 types of men in the world. There are the alphas which are the top dogs and beta which follows the alpha. Then there is the omega, which is the last of the pack.

The reason why many unattractive men get all the woman is because they are an alpha. This is primal instinct. When we go out as a group, instinctively we know who is the alpha of the group, no one needs to mention this. Alphas get first choice on woman, just like anything in life.

Alphas are the leader, he has a lot of confidence and keeps his cool. They give off a masculine vibe. What gives this off is that he his strong social skills.

Betas are second after the leader. Betas lack a bit of confidence, and his social skills isn’t as strong. If the leader leaves the groups or dies. The beta usually will take over and become the alpha of that group.

Omegas are the lowest possible rank and they are the most submissive. The omega gets last choice on girls. Which means the leftover of what the alpha and beta don’t choose. They lack social skills, which means girls are never attracted to them.

*as discussed on episode 57*