Kao Lui Corner

Kao Lui (溝女) is a Cantonese term referring to the act of picking up girls. At the end of every DIU Podcast episode, Jack will explain his tips for how to effectively chase after girls in the Kao Lui Corner segment of the show.

In 2012, Jack began writing his epic masterpiece, The All Proven Tactics of How to Kao Lui. You can access various excerpts below. More topics will be added as they are discussed on the show.


“Nice Guys Finish Last”


The Friendzone (Part 1)

The Friendzone (Part 2)

7 Signs That He’s Into You

Settlers and Reachers Theory

Dobler – Dahmer Theory

The Rule of Three

Do’s and Don’ts of a First Date

Using Pokémon Go to Pick Up Girls

Five Languages of Love

Chasing Girls on a Tight Budget

How to Look Good on Facebook

My Next Chapter

International Comeback

Superwomen VS Dependent Women

7 Signs That She’s Into You

Can I Date Your Ex?

How to Spot a Fuckboi

How to be a Good Wingman 

How to Kao Lui During the Holidays 

5 Signs a Shy Girl is Into You

“The One”

How to Keep a Conversation Going?

How to Approach Women in a Coffee Shop

Confidence (Part Two)

Meeting Hot Girls Through Average Girls

Attractiveness and Creativity

How to Flirt with Hot Girls

Five Tips Before Getting into a Relationship 

How to Become a Love Guru

Questions You Should Ask to Deeply Know Someone 

Alpha, Beta, Omega (Part 1)