Bonus Episode 3

Bonus Episode 3:

Join Gavin as he keeps an audio log to make the first ever international DIU Podcast (bonus) episode. Gavin, Jack, Michael, and Dr. Eugene Tang visit various parts of California, Nevada, and Arizona. Tune in to see if Gavin can survive nine whole days of Jack (and his constant interruptions), among other exciting topics and issues to be uncovered on the road!

Topics include…

Jack wanting to mend a broken relationship with Eugene as we learn about why Dr. Tang dislikes the former Love Guru.

Gavin ranting about hotel etiquette when it comes to sharing space and utilities with three other dudes.

Michael almost dying from a movie-esque bike accident.

Eugene’s traumatic fall from grace: from aspiring PhD student to alleged convict.


Bonus Episode 2

Bonus Episode 2:

We start off 2017 with a bang – if by “bang” you mean illness. Fighting back from deadly flu-like symptoms, a drugged-up Jack takes the mic for a short bonus episode this week. The gang talks about predictions for 2017 as Jack and Gavin try to forecast what the year holds for the other co-host. Major “hints” are dropped about what may (or may not) happen in 2017 for DIU Podcast *wink-wink, nudge-nudge.*

Watch this DIU Podcast exclusive!! Jack tries Buckley’s cough syrup for the first time prior to recording this very bonus episode!

Loose Ends

Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the USA on January 20, 2017.

This is who Jack aspires to look like: Japanese-Brazilian artistic gymnast, Arthur Mariano:

File:Arthur Mariano no Rio 2016.jpg
Picture via Wikimedia


Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0

Image: Crystal ball

Bonus Episode 1

Bonus episode 1:

With Jack on his Asia trip, DIU Podcast is in the midst of its three week hiatus. Not wanting to get rusty for season two, Gavin decides to record the first ever bonus episode! Joined by friend-of-the-show, Vincent, the duo discuss various race-related news stories. Meanwhile, Gavin signs up for Tinder to see what the commotion is all about.

DIU season 2 will resume on October 9th.

Discussed Stories

Kenan Kong as the new Superman.

Internet enraged over white chef telling people how to eat pho.

Anti-Sikh posters popping up on the University of Alberta campus.

Loose Ends

Peep Jeremy Lin’s latest haircut.

We talked about the racist Chinese detergent ad, which I believe was a real ad created by the company Qiaobi.

Vincent mentioned countries which focus on rehabilitation instead of harsh prison sentences; Norway is an example for the method of justice.


 Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0