Episode 32

Episode 32:

Joining us in studio this week is DIU Podcast’s (self-proclaimed) number one fan, (DIU Podcast-proclaimed) Dr. Eugene Tang. Dr. Tang brings in the very serious issue of Jack’s previous issues on this very show. Listen in as we discuss just a small handful of our previous topics – will robots take over the world, are Generation Z kids stupid, should we be vigilantes? Tune in to find out if Jack can fend off Dr. Tang’s rebuttals!

Afterwards, the podcast team gets together for the DIU Podcast gift exchange!

This is what the ONLY DIU Podcast mug in existence looks like:

Happy holidays and see you in 2017!


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Episode 31

Episode 31:

In wake of the first major snowstorms in Toronto this week, Gavin brings in the important issue of snow – and how it fucking sucks. Meanwhile, Jack goes on a rant about how generation Z (born 1995 or later) children are all stupid because they don’t have the same opinions and attitudes as he does.

Afterwards, the Love Guru explains why the holiday seasons are the best time for singles to chase girls.

Additional Sources

Snowstorm causes messy traffic in the Greater Toronto Area (Dec 12)

Montreal pileup garners international attention.

Loose Ends

Jack claimed that Generation Z kids use more drugs than any other generation in the past. This title actually goes to the baby boomers (born between 1943-1962) when measuring most of the popular drugs. The exception is painkillers, which has seen an increase in popularity among millennials. See charts from DrugAbuse.com


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Episode 30

Episode 30:

Jack announces that he (once again) has attempted to quit smoking. However, as with anything on DIU Podcast, we will make a big deal about his words; which would hopefully get him to quit for good. He then goes on to talk about how many call centre customer service representatives are being verbally abused by clients. Meanwhile, Gavin talks about Amazon Go, a new store aiming to get rid of checkout lines.

Afterwards, the Love Guru gives some tips on how to be a good wingman. Is Jack actually a good wingman? Tune in to find out.

Additional Sources

The real reason why marijuana is banned.

Call centre workers speak out about abuse by public.

Amazon Go website (and video).

Only Amazon can make a checkout-free grocery store a reality.


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Episode 29

Episode 29:

With tons of shopping left to do for the holidays, Gavin brings in the issue of dynamic pricing. Why is it acceptable that some goods/services we buy have fluctuating prices (e.g. airline tickets)? Should dynamic pricing be acceptable in retail? Meanwhile, Jack brings in the topic of Canada’s impending legalization of marijuana.

Afterwards, Jack tells us about the dangers of fuckbois, and how we can identify them.

Also… is Jack a fuckboi? We’d love to hear from you!

Lastly, check out the first ever DIU vlog!

Additional Sources

Slang words used for the quiz.

Retailers’ use of dynamic pricing skyrockets.

The travel planning website Orbitz was mentioned on the show; specifically their practice of pushing more expensive hotel rooms to Mac users.

Leduc County (Alberta) set to built the world’s largest legal marijuana grow op.

Loose Ends

We talked about our opinions on legalizing marijuana, but didn’t really cover the history of the situation. Making marijuana illegal has historic ties with connections to fear-mongering and population control.

In regards to marijuana use and brain cells: a 2012 study by Duke University researchers found that teenagers who are regular marijuana users lose eight IQ points on average. Although this is still a matter of contention in the academic community. Cigarettes on the other hand, have been found to damage the brain (contrary to Jack’s beliefs).


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