Bonus Episode 1

Bonus episode 1:

With Jack on his Asia trip, DIU Podcast is in the midst of its three week hiatus. Not wanting to get rusty for season two, Gavin decides to record the first ever bonus episode! Joined by friend-of-the-show, Vincent, the duo discuss various race-related news stories. Meanwhile, Gavin signs up for Tinder to see what the commotion is all about.

DIU season 2 will resume on October 9th.

Discussed Stories

Kenan Kong as the new Superman.

Internet enraged over white chef telling people how to eat pho.

Anti-Sikh posters popping up on the University of Alberta campus.

Loose Ends

Peep Jeremy Lin’s latest haircut.

We talked about the racist Chinese detergent ad, which I believe was a real ad created by the company Qiaobi.

Vincent mentioned countries which focus on rehabilitation instead of harsh prison sentences; Norway is an example for the method of justice.


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DIU Podcast will resume on October 9

As listeners of the show should know, Jack and Kyle have embarked on their three week Asia trip (Korea, Taiwan, and Japan). The affair coincides well with the end of DIU Podcast’s first season; while also leaving several important cliffhangers to be explained for the second season.

In the meantime, feel free to catch up on our previous episodes!

Episode 20

Episode 20:

In the dramatic finale for DIU Podcast’s first season, Jack finally talks about why he hates Apple products so much. A heated argument ensues regarding Apple technology’s specs and the value of purchasing the (overpriced) products. Meanwhile, Gavin brings in a study which claims that smarter individuals tend to hold liberal ideologies while those with less cognitive abilities tend to be more conservative.

During the Kao Lui Corner segment, Jack brings in a personal letter as he has an important announcement to make about the next chapter of his life.

DIU Podcast will be back in three weeks (October 9, 2016)!

Additional References

Apple’s newest product isn’t a phone or watch, it’s a lifestyle.

Who you hate depends on how smart you are.

Do racism, conservatism, and low I.Q. go hand-in-hand?

Loose Ends

Jack mentioned that the iPhone 7 would only be able to use the new wireless earbuds (the AirPods). That is incorrect, as the new iPhone 7 does in fact come with wired earbuds (which plugs in via the charger port). There are also converters which will still allow you to use old 3.5mm jacks (also included with the iPhone 7). Is it annoying to carry around an extra converter at all times? Probably, but my point is, that the option to use the old earbuds are still available and provided.

When talking about the 5,914 sample size during the second topic, I wasn’t sure if the sample was worldwide or American at the time. Upon looking again, the sample was taken from Americans.


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Episode 19

Episode 19:

We’re joined in studio this week by our good friend Chen. Gavin brings in the topic of learning methods. Specifically, we discuss the merits of direct learning and inquiry-based learning. Meanwhile, Jack brings in the issue of parent influences over their children’s career aspirations. Should parents have a say in what their children want to do?

Afterwards, Chen is interviewed on his opinions for previously covered Kao Lui Corner topics.

Additional References

Half of Ontario sixth graders don’t meet the provincial standards in math

Jo Boaler on the benefits of inquiry-based learning

Possible drawbacks to inquiry-based learning in mathematics


Intro and outro music: Night Owl by Broke for Free/ CC By 3.0

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