Episode 18

Episode 18:

Gavin brings in the topic of self-driving cars as we discuss possible safety concerns and what implications the technology will have on everyday life. Meanwhile, Jack brings in the issue of how he feels emasculated when women earn more money than him. We also learn about why Jack is in constant fear of being overshadowed by females.

Afterwards, the Love Guru explains how to look good on Facebook to attract more girls.

Additional References

NuTonomy rolls out automated taxis in Singapore.

Tesla autopilot crash story.

Loose Ends

I briefly referenced isolated tribes, and how there are only a pocketful of such people.

Some statistics which were referenced but specific numbers were not provided:
– There are more women in colleges than men: in America, 57% of college students are females
– There are more women in Canada than men: women account for 50.7% of the population (17.2 million)


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Episode 17

Episode 17:

This week Jack brings in the topic of social conformity; we discuss if it is detrimental to society. Meanwhile, Gavin talks about whether it is more important to conform towards sportsman-like behaviour or win at any cost. The conversation derails as we end up talking about what it means to “win” in life.

Afterwards, Jack provides some tips on how to chase girls on a budget.

Additional References

Check out Grace’s blog post about social conformity (and watch the video we talk about on the episode)

More examples of Groupthink.

Hope Solo’s comments after team USA’s loss.

Loose Ends

I mentioned the experiment with the monkeys which has been described countless times to explain social conformity. To be clear: the actual experiment was never conducted (but is often referenced).


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Episode 16

Episode 16:

This week Jack claims he is a “jack of all trades, master of none,” and a debate ensues about whether it is better to specialize in one particular area of expertise or to be generally well-rounded. Afterwards, Gavin brings up the topic of competitive video gaming (eSports), and if the activity should be included in the Olympics.

Afterwards, Jack talks about the Five Languages of Love, as originally coined by Gary Chapman.

Check out our latest YouTube video; where we perform the whisper challenge!

Additional Sources

The growth of eSports

Should eSports be in the Olympics?


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Episode 15

Episode 15:

Our good friend, Jimmy, joins us in the studio this week (while still jet lagged by his recent flight from Korea). Jimmy brings in the issue of fit-shaming and provides insights on how Jack can gain some weight. Meanwhile, Jack talks about how people don’t appreciate the things they have until it’s too late.

Afterwards, Jack asks Jimmy questions about the international (i.e. Korean) dating game.

Additional Sources

Fit mother sparks fit-shaming debate

China’s belly-button challenge 


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